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Time has gotten away from me. I always mean well and intend to get back to blogging but for some reason I never quite seem to make it. School started back up on Jan 2nd and it’s going great. Clinical starts in a few weeks. I have had 5 test so far and I have an average of a high B (only 1.5 points away from an A). If I can make an A on my nutrition project tomorrow ( I expect to) my average will come up to an A. So far the material has not been all that hard, it’s just a lot and the studying is time consuming. I’m taking fundamentals of nursing with skills lab (all the basic nursing stuff), pharmacology, communications, and dosage calculations, plus the clinical that I mentioned are about to start soon. All the grades from each subject is averaged as one grade. Nursing 101.

Tim and I are doing wonderful. We don’t get to spend as much time together as we would like, between his 2 jobs and my school (study time) and job means that our schedules do not always mix.

I quit my job at Dillard’s by the way, I finally decided that I had taken enough of their crap, although I have to amit that after 5 years there I sure do miss it, or atleast parts of it. I’m working with a friend from school now at a answering service. It’s mainly for Drs and hospitals, we get some utilities and maintenance calls too. Its not the best job that I have ever had and I miss doing makeup but I can study while I’m there so that helps a lot. I will be able to start working in the hospital towards the end of April and I can’t wait. The pay and the benefits will be good there and it will give me a lot of valuable experience.

I have to get to bed but I hope that everyone is doing well. Have a great night.


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