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Christmas Party Pictures

Tim and I on the night of his companys Christmas party. 


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Weekend Trip

As I said before Tim and I took a trip up to the Northern Neck of Virginia this past weekend. We did a little sight seeing and took a tour of The Strafford Hall Plantation (General Robert E. Lee’s birthplace). We also went to Christ Church, which was built back in 1735. We spent the night in a Cabin at Hertiage Park, a Vinyard and Winery. On the way back home we stopped at the Prime Outlets and Yankee Candle in Williamsburg, Va.

I didn’t find this out until last night. Tim had planned this nice getaway for us. He had bought me a gift and was planning on giving it to me while we were away. Well, once we were almost 2 hours away from home he realised that he had left the gift at home, he forgot to pack it. Poor guy, after all that planning. Anyway last night he told me about it and gave me a diamond necklace, its a Journey pendent. For those of you who don’t know what that is, its a squiggly line of diamonds. They start out small, like your love in the begining and get larger as your love for each other grows through out time, therefore called “Journey”.

This is not a picture of mine, but it’s exactly the same.

Strafford HallStrafford Hall
Slave Quarters Slave Quarters and Tobacco Plants at Strafford Hall
Old Stage Coach Old Stage Coach
Please do not annoy the chickens Sign

Chickens Chickens

Christ Church Christ Church
Christ Church
Our Cabin
Our Cabin

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Summer in Va Beach is officially over after this weekend, but not before one last “party”. The grand finale is “Boardwalk Weekend,” The 33rd Annual Neptune Festival. For three days and nights, a host of activities such as the internationally renowned North American Sandsculpting Competition, draw visitors and guests from across the Commonwealth and beyond to the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. Daily concerts alfresco in tented festival stages are scattered along 32 blocks of the boardwalk and feature a variety of live music. Over 275 artisans will line the boardwalk for the Neptune Art and Craft Show interspersed with a veritable smorgasbord of food vendors dishing out delectable delights guaranteed to please any palette.

Tim and I went this year and brought our camera, everything below is built of sand, the first one set the new world record as the tallest sand castle, standing at 37.9 feet tall. Several of these pictures (the first 9) are just a small part of this one design. The other ones are seperate designs done by teams from all over the world. They were amazing, I hope you enjoy!

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My Back Yard

Some Branches that we lost

The Creek running over into my neighbors yard.

The creek water about to enter my neighbors shed.

I didn’t get to take anymore pictures because I had to go to work. Sorry!

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It’s been a busy week! I just now finally updated the previous post from our trip to NC. We got back late Saturday evening, stopped by Alltel and got me a new cell phone and then went outside star gazing for the rest of the night. Sunday morning I had to go to a meeting at work. Tim and I went to the beach afterwards. The water felt good and the waves were nice, there were some Jelly fish around, I did my best to stay away from them! That was the first time I’ve been in the Ocean in about two years, which is sad because I live less than 10 minutes from the beach.

Jelly Fish at Little Island, Sandbridge Beach

Monday was my first day of nursing school and I have been doing homework ever since. I have put a good 10 hours in already today and it’s going to take me another 3 or 4 hours to finish it all up before class tomorrow afternoon. We have our 1st exam on Monday (on 5 chapters) and I haven’t even started studying for it yet, the homework has taken up all of my time. I wonder how much more we will be assigned tomorrow.
I took a couple of hours off from studying tonight. Tim took myself, my mom and his mom out to dinner(Chinese Buffet), then I went back to his house and we made a peach cobbler together.

I’m going to visit everyone in a few minutes. Sorry to be so neglectful but like I said, it has been a busy week.

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I’m back! We had a fun trip, the first pictures are from the Orchids, the others are from the Vineyard and the Sound. Enjoy!

Martin’s Orchard & Vineyard, Knotts Island NC

This is where we picked peaches. We didn’t go to this particular Vineyard, we wanted to go to Moonrise Bay. The weather turned out to be great it was around 80 degrees and mostly cloudy.

All I can say is there were peaches EVERYWHERE! We had a good time picking them, they taste great. In fact we ate a couple while we were picking them.

I love this picture! Tim and I brought a picnic lunch with us, we sat down right in the middle of the orchids to eat.

There were apple trees galore at the orchids. This is a Gala Apple tree and they were already ripe, they had every kind that you can think of. Most of them will not be ripe for about another month though.

We tasted several different kinds of wine while we were at the vineyard. Our favorite one was a raspberry flavor. We bought a bottle of it and a bottle of blueberry wine.

Display of old wine bottles

This is a picture of behind the counter where the wine tasting is held.

Barrels for tables and a cow skin rug, how rustic.

Knotts Island
The Sound

We stopped on the side of the road because I wanted some of these cat tails, Tim picked a bunch of them for me.

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Morning all,

I’m up getting ready to pack Tim and I a lunch for today’s trip. The weather held out, it’s nice and cool out. Yeah.

Tim gave me a circle of love necklace and pendant last night, its white gold with amethyst. Pretty, pretty, pretty. I’ll try to post a picture of it when we get back from our trip to NC. We’re taking my camera so I’m sure that I will have a lot of pictures to post either late tonight or tomorrow.

Talk to everyone a little later.


Edited to add picture

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